Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

By way of a simple definition, search engine optimization is the deliberate act of influencing search results in organic search.

Optimizing a website for search is the only way to ensure return on investing in a website. By virtue of having a website, the potential effect is having opened business in virtually every country where the populace has internet access. However, competition in the world online market is pretty rough because there are billions of web pages on the internet.

The internet is growing by each minute as more and more websites are being uploaded. The billions of webpages may translate to thousands of competitor websites when it comes to your specific industry or sector. For your business to be easily found and for search engines like google, yahoo and bing, the website must be constructed in a certain way that makes it easy to index.

Whenever you are doing online marketing, there are keywords that are buzzwords in your industry which must be used on your website in order to be ranked in your specific field or industry. This is the field of search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Optimizing your website for search is done deliberately, and by knowledgeable people or agencies.

Competition Analysis

We study the websites and social media profiles of your competitors to find out what keywords they are ranking for.

Website SEO Audit

We audit your website to find out its search engine friendliness

Keyword Research

Grandpix performs a keyword research to discover more keywords

Pre-optimization Report

We produce a comprehensive pre-optimization report which shall be compared with a post optimization report

Search Engine Optimization

The search engine optimization process including blogging and use of mentions and influencer marketing

Post Optimization Report

Report with statistics and visualizations of completed processes

Rank #1 On Google With Us!

With Grandpix Digital, the battle indeed belongs to the swift. We are experts at what we do. We have a monthly turnaround target to start seeing results. Remember, we owe it to our customers to have website and online businesses that are highly optimized for search. This makes your business or brand easy to find and more search engine friendly.

With search engines, favour is bestowed upon websites that have high quality content that is regularly updated. Websites that have well researched keywords always get the top slot on google, yahoo!, bing and other search engines.

If your websites have optimization issues, your competition will always be way ahead of you and you may as well kiss goodbye to landing on google’s number 1 page

For a limited time, Grandpix Digital is offering free Website Audit for Zimbabwean domains only. This is for a limited time so you may as well apply for it before its gone! Use the phrase “Free Website Audit” on the Subject on our contact form and send us. Be sure to include your phone number in the message body so that we can quickly get back to you

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